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Okay, Chudd’s off tonight doing… (???)  I dunno, something else… So, let me start this off by first saying how incredibly lucky you are to have me at the helm tonight. It’s amazing, and I truly feel happy for all of you, our loyal readers (or just Chris, since he seems to be the only one who reads this stuff). You see, I’m fucking awesome, and humble enough to be overwhelmingly amazed by my own awesomeness.

My ego aside, I do have a hefty list of new and cool Star Wars stuff that Chudd passed on to me. So let’s just dive on in….

Mondo’s Sanctuary Moon

Mondo: Sanctuary Moon

Once again Mondo has produced an amazing Star Wars related print this time by artist Daniel Danger (now there’s a cool friggen name). This print features a post-empire Ewok village, and several decimated AT-ST walkers. I dunno… I kinda feel sad for the little fellow.

AT-ST by Pacalin

AT-ST by Pacalin

Speaking of AT-STs, I found this great piece of art while wandering around It was created by Pauline Acalin (aka Pacalin). I love this piece because it almost feels like an ad for a Lexus or something. Makes me want to go to my local dealership and test drive it’s shock absorption and Ewok killing abilities. Pauline has more great art featuring an AT-AT and a Jawa Sandcrawler. Visit her page and check the rest of her work.

The Art of Otis Frampton

Otis Frampton's Jedi Slave Leia

I can’t get enough of cool Star Wars art. Check out Otis Frampton and some of his great illustrations. Thanks to for sharing his work with the rest of us.  You can also see more of his illustrations also on

C3Typo and R2Typo

Okay, just one more Star Wars art related post, and only because Chudd is kind of a Typography geek and insisted that this needs to go on tonight. This was created by Fabian Glez. If you remember, he was the one that created Boba Font, and Sanstrooper, that we mentioned in Cool Star Wars Stuff of the Week 17. Thanks to for posting about this.

The Swim Suit Your Girlfriend Needs To Own

Until this moment I never really wanted to hump a droid, how ’bout that? Anyways, has just produced this very sexy, C-3PO inspired, swimsuit to go along with their R2-D2 swimsuit. Wow, all the more reason to date twins.

Star Wars Bedroom

I found out about this from the and even though I think this is very cool, there is no fucking way any parent is ever going to be cool enough to do this for their kid. And it’s not even about the cost (about $16,000 …only). I can only imagine that after forking out the cash for this the parents of this kid get about half way through the set up before saying “screw it!” and ditching the whole project. Not that it doesn’t look cool, but it also looks like a lot of damn work.

Well, there’s a ton of stuff that Chudd asked me to post on, but this is cutting into my WoW time, so that’s going to be all for this week. I’m sure the upcoming week will bring more awesome Star Wars stuff our way. So that’s something to look forward to. Until then, have fun, and find something to Geek-out over.

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