Geek Vixen: Vera Van Guard

Actress Vera Van Guard as BloodRayne

Geek girls are amazing! Especially when these geek-a-licous babes go the extra mile to recreate the things we all love, making our world a little more bearable. Check out Vera Van Guard, a voluptuous kick-ass geek girl who is also an actress and stuntwoman that cosplays and creates her own fan films.

I spent some time last night looking over both Vera’s personal site,, and her Bloodrayne fan film site. I have to say that I’m very impressed with what she’s done in her life. Her bio says she speaks fluent Russian, is a classical piano prodigy, and has a degree in Molecular Biology (it took me seven years to get through school, four of those with no idea of why I was there, and the final three to get a BFA in graphic design (which nobody really cares about because they only look at your portfolio)… yeah, I feel like crap now… thanks Vera!). She’s also into martial arts, acting and stunt work. So she’s beautiful, intelligent, and can kick some ass… I think it’s safe to say that she’s out of my league. I guess I’ll have to stick with the fat chick at the KFC (she’s all breasts and thighs… mmmmmmm…).

Vera’s Cosplay

The girl knows how to dress up! Vera’s cosplay has included Bloodrayne, Tomb Raider, Vertigo’s Death, and Witchblade, as well as some other very creative costumes. Check out this small sample of images we got off her website. She has plenty more on her site, believe me, we spent a lot of time last night going through her galleries… taking our time on each image… being thorough…

Fan Film

I really love fan films, but I don’t know if I’m the best person to review them because I can’t be that critical of something a fan puts the time and energy into creating for the rest of us to enjoy. Plus, they’re usually free to watch, and I hate it when people bitch about free stuff.

However, I honestly feel like she did a hell of a job here. It was fun, she looked sexy, and the Nazis were goofy enough to make me smile (I didn’t like seeing the fat one get killed though… sure he’s a Nazi, but give the chubby kid a break). I even liked the stuff they did after the credits rolled. Other than killing the chubby Nazi, the only problem I had with the film was the dick-cutting scene. You never cut a man’s junk. I don’t care if he’s a Nazi or… what ever, you just don’t do it. Sometimes it’s all a man has in this world.

Web Series

Along with her cosplay and fan films, Vera does a couple web series: The Building of Good and Evil ( and Goth Girl Web Series ( You can watch episodes of both series on her website. I watched a couple episodes of The Building of Good and Evil last night and they weren’t too shabby. I really like the one with the Jehovah Witnesses…

To end this we just want to say thanks to Vera for all her hard work, and we hope to see more of her in the future. We recommend the rest of you go and check out her sites. Enjoy!

Just a quick update on this, I got an email from Vera about the guy getting his dick whacked off. She said:

“PS, I didn’t cut off the guy’s junk… I cut off his legs at the
knees… I guess it didn’t come off (no pun) right LOL!

And the fat guy who I kill – that’s my boyfriend (of 5 years) and BR
director Eddie – I like them big and fluffy. Just like your gal at

So, now we can all be comforted by knowing that although BloodRayne may be capable of amputating your legs, she would never take lethal aim at a your manhood. I feel better!

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  1. Thanks for the great feed back on our projects. Vera is amazing force to be reckoned with. They are fun projects to work on.

    P.S. …..I’m also the fatty with the skin mag in BloodRayne thats gets eaten.

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