The day Tron: Legacy comes out Chudd and I plan on going out to the local IMAX and have one hell of a good time watching this film in all its massive screened, 3D, digital glory. In fact, I can only think of one place that might actually be cooler to watch this movie at and that would be in the new Tron Ice Suite built by the Ice Hotel in Swede (…get it? “Cooler” …”ice suite”, you see how damn clever I am? …heh, cooler…). According to the Ice Hotels web site…

Inspired by Disney’s release of Tron: Legacy, the British designers Ben Rousseau and Ian Douglas-Jones set out to capture the dynamism and essence of the movie at the world-famous ICEHOTEL IN Jukkasjärvi, Sweden.

200 km north of the Arctic Circle, Rousseau + I-N-D-J designed and built Legacy of the river, a futuristic ice suite. Using technology never before seen in the hotels 20 year history Legacy of the river is one of 19 unique Art suites in ICEHOTEL.

“We are massive Tron fans,” said Rousseau in a statement about the project. “The entire film is a complete fantasy for us both with its high-tech and futuristic design.”

Other than the small desire to meet cheerful-big-busty blondes, I’ve never even considered Sweden as a possible vacation destination, but who knows, maybe in a few months here when I’ve got my Tron Legacy Blu-ray dvd under one arm, a thermos of nuclear war cocoa in my pocket, and a buff Nordic goddess on my other arm, I may stroll into the Ice Hotel and request this awesome room.

check out this small example of photos of the room and it’s creation!

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