Atari system

Good morning people! Wow… it’s only Wednesday… well, let’s try to get through this day with the best intentions. The first thing I saw on my RSS reader this morning was this History of Video Games Song by Jonathan Mann (thanks to for sharing it). Looks like he’s doing a song a day sort of thing. This one is #709 of that series (that’s a lot of songs…). This sounds like that one song… you know the “we didn’t start the fire” song… had something in it about JFK getting blown away… just Google it.

I was born in ’76 so I remember a lot of these systems (like the 2600). Unfortunately I missed out on Nintendo. We had a Sega Master System first, and later the Genesis. The first Nintendo (and only) system I had was the game cube (Rouge Squadron friggen rocked, and I didn’t mind the Jango Fett game either). Anyhow, check out the video below, and visit Mann’s site. Watch, or listen to, his stuff and let him know he’s doing good. I’ve got to start my work now… dang it.

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