Mondo Tron Poster

Hey people… I just got off the phone from battling it out with a couple credit card companies (STAY AWAY FROM CREDIT CARDS!!!), trying to at least get a reason why they feel it’s fair to charge a 30% interest rate (STAY AWAY FROM CREDIT CARDS!!!). Neither company would give me one. The bastards are more than willing to slap it on your account, but won’t do a damn thing to find out a reason why, or negotiation for a rate that’s fair (STAY AWAY FROM CREDIT CARDS!!!). Seriously, it’s getting to the point we need to get out the pitchforks and torches, ’cause there’s some gluttonous monsters that need to be chased out of the village. Anyhow… I just got off the phone with them, and felt I needed to calm down a little (too early for whiskey… or is it???), so I logged into facebook looking for something to take my mind off my financial troubles. One of the first things I saw were these great looking Tron and Tron: Legacy prints from Mondo. These really do look awesome, and it looks like they’re going on sale today. Gee, it would be really nice to buy one, but unfortunately the credit card industry has ALL MY FUCKING MONEY! I think I might go for a walk. Check out the other print below.

Tron: Legacy Mondo Poster

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