Wow, I’m hungry! I just got ready for the day, sat down in the chair to do a post, and realized how hungry I am. Anyways, Trog and I talked about the blog last night, and what we could do to improve it. We want to restructure how we present the wallpapers that we offer, and try to make it look a little cleaner. I was playing around with that last night after we talked, but I think I just made things worse, so I’m going to let him take over. We would also like to start offering the wallpapers in sizes for mobile devices (iPhone, Droid, ect…), so I’m going to look into that today… after I go see Tron: Legacy of course. Then there’s just taking time to create more, and hopefully I will be able to do that later tonight. I think I said in an earlier post than, even though Atomic Moo is a geek blog, this is more of a creative springboard for us. So I really want to load up the site with some neat stuff of our own makings.

I’m thinking about dropping the Star Wars Stuff of the Week posts. I don’t know yet if I will. The problem with doing those posts is that they eat up a lot of time (finding the content, putting them together, adding the links, etc…), because there’s so much Star Wars related stuff that hits the web every week (and being a Star Wars geek it’s all stuff I want to share and post about), I thought it would be easier to just talk about it all in one night. Then I end up losing most of that night, and don’t get much time for other projects. I was thinking about doing the post as I find them, whenever something “neat” hits the web, but then I don’t want this becoming completely a Star Wars blog (almost every day there’s something Star Wars related that comes out). I also forgot to mention that my time is limited, and I only get to post a couple times a day. I usually try to post before work and one after… I’m rambling on about this.

Well, my brother just informed me that if we want to go see Tron: Legacy, we should get going. We want to hit an earlier show, hoping there will be less people around so we can enjoy it. I’ve read a few reviews of it already, and it seems like people are going either way. Based on what I’ve read and seen from the trailers, my prediction: visually it’ll rock, but I think the story will be weak. I’m just hoping it’ll be better than Avatar.

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