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While I was waiting for the rice to finish I thought I would go through my RSS reader to see if there was anything of interest. There’s actually a ton of things buzzing around the web right now. I guess what caught my interest was all the Tron and Tron: Legacy stuff. I pretty much agree with what my brother wrote in the “Moo Review,” (sorry, we couldn’t think of a better title). It was an amazing looking film, but unfortunately the story was kind of weak. I still hope they make more though, and that they don’t give up on it. I think there’s potential for some real kick ass stories from “The Grid.” Anyhow, here’s a few things I found and I hope you enjoy them.

Tron Holiday Special

I saw this Tron: Holiday Special spoof from Funny or Die on Honestly, I would watch this. Of course alcohol would have to be involved, but I would watch this if it were real.

Mickey and Minnie in the World of Tron

Check out these images I saw posted on of Micky and Minnie as Tron characters. Looks like they’re limited edition prints created by Greg McCullough and you can get them at Acme Archives Direct. I’m not into that furry stuff, but I gotta say, Minnie is looking kinda hot as Quorra.

Mickey Tron

Tron Minnie

Playboy Tron Tribute (NSFW)

How the hell did I miss this? Looks like this has been sitting in my reader for a week now, and I just read about it (thanks to for sharing this). Check out Playboy’s Tron tribute pictorial. Both the girls are all covered in body paint, so it’s not like you really get to see anything, still I thought I would say NSFW just to be on the safe side. Also there’s a preview video below.

Playboy Tron Tribute

Well, that’s it for tonight. Now let’s see if I can actually get something done.

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  1. Loving the hell outta that Tron Holiday special.

  2. *confetti!*

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