Tron Legacy Triptych

Hey people! Here’s a real quick post, then I’ve got to run to the gym and work off 34 years of “McGoodness.” I just wanted to share this article written by Aymar Jean Christian, titled Tron is Smarter Than You Think. I liked the new Tron, but in away I was willing to agree with most critics, and like Mr. Christian said, pass it off as “cheesy” and “silly”, but this article relates to other recent news stories, and, after reading it, I want to go back and watch Tron Legacy again. Okay, I wanted to go back and watch Tron anyways, but now I have more an excuse to plunk down twenty bucks on a ticket and popcorn.


P.S. (that means post script …see the shit you can learn in college!)

Isn’t anybody else like royally pissed that tickets are now over Ten dollars, and a shitty popcorn combo can run as much as Thirteen bucks? Then, add insult to injury, you have to use those crap-ass theater chairs that provide only one arm rest in between two seats. Shouldn’t we be more pissed about this? Where’s the rage? Yeah, let health care slide, let credit card companies charge us 30% interest, and screw the net neutrality, but god dammit, can’t we at least have our own fucking arm rest at ten bucks a pop??? Aren’t we at the point yet where we put down the bucket of wings, get off the couch, and march (or waddle) on the capital? A fucking extra armrest is all I want! It’s insane but at this point I’d consider such a little thing a win! You here that Obama? Just one more fucking armrest and I might vote for you in 2012! Okay, I’ve got to go unleash this rage on a treadmill and bench-press, see you all later…

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