Hi everybody! There’s a lot of Geek oriented holiday images and videos floating around the web this week, and since it is Christmas eve, Chudd and I thought we’d share just a small sample of this good spirited geek cheer with everyone (…one?) who reads are blog.


The AT-AT Family X-Mas

If you go to www.swtorstrategies.com (Star Wars The Old Republic) you can see more photos of an AT-AT family enjoying a Christmas morning with each other and this poem.

Oh the weather on Hoth is frightful,
Echo Base on fire is so delightful,
Shield generator is about to go,
Let it Blow! Let it Blow! Let it Blow!

AT-AT’s show no signs of stopping,
And the sounds of Rebel heads a’ popping,
Their will to fight is almost done,
Let ‘em Run! Let ‘em Run! Let ‘em Run!

When I finally get off this rock,
Leavin’ a glorious blaster storm,
Slip on a sock made of Ewok,
All the way, home I’ll be warm!

Oh the taun tauns are slowly dying,
And soon, Vader and I’ll be high-fiving,
An Admiral soon I’ll be,
Let ‘em Flee! Let ‘em Flee! Let ‘em Flee!

Trolling the Girlfriend

This is without a doubt the best thing you can get your girl this year, click this link and follow the photos.

Cthulhu Santa

Cthulhu Santa

I first saw this awesome print by artist Robin Levy on laughingsquid.com but you can see it and buy prints at society6.com. I can’t imagine what this thing leaves in peoples stockings but I wouldn’t reach my hand in to find out.

Robot Chicken does Christmas

And finally, it wouldn’t be the holidays without a little Robot Chicken. Thanks very much to Geek Tyrant for sharing these with the rest of us.

Well, there’s probably a ton more holiday stuff to post about, but it is my paid day off from work and I’ve got a lot of porn to get through. Happy holidays everyone and we hope you all enjoy your Christmas eve!

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