Tron: Legacy Action Figures

Hey Geeks! I hope you all had a good Christmas, and that you were able to spend some  time with family and friends. Unfortunately we’ll have to wait another six months before merchandisers start to push next year’s “Christmas Spirit” onto us… I almost can’t wait.

Other than turning down a puppy, my day was pretty good. My brother, Trog, figured that since I have a bad case of arrested development, and still collect toys at the age of 34, he would pick me up a couple Tron: Legacy action figures. So I thought I would show them off in this post. He got me a Rinzler and a Quorra action figure. I’m guessing these are pretty easy to find, and I think he got these at Target… or maybe Wallmart (one or the other). Like the movie there are things I really like about these, and then some things that really don’t like. Of course I’m not going to take these out of the package (yes, I’m that kind of toy nerd), so I haven’t had the chance to really inspect them.

I really like the package designs, with all the angles and the niffty die cut job they did on them. They look “Tron-ish.” I also feel like they did a great job balancing all the information they had to include on both sides of the packages, while keeping a good sense of hierarchy. Right away you see the Tron: Legacy logotype (which is nice in itself), then the character name, then all the other important information (“figure lights up” seems to be where my eye goes next, then the “try me” circle). I also like how the figures light-up. I guess that’s not really that important, but it’s just a special extra nifty feature. Looks like there’s a good amount of articulation, so they’re not like the stiff old Star Wars figures we had as kids. Again, I haven’t removed one from its packaging, so it’s hard to say how poseable the figures are. The figure base is a nice extra they threw in. Almost makes me want to open them and sit them on my desk here… almost.

Rinzler Action Figure

Back of Rinzler Action Figure

I don’t like helmets stuck on the heads. Again, I haven’t opened one, but it doesn’t look like the helmets come off. With the Rinzler character I can understand that, since he kept his helmet on through out most of the movie (we only briefly got to see him as Tron with out his helmet on). Even if the helmets are removable, they should of put them off to the side along with the disks and other accessories, or at the very least, they should have done that with the Sam and Quorra characters. Quorra looks like queen of the ant people with that helmet on. On the back they feature seven characters. I have no idea if that’s is all that available, but I hope it’s not. Is there a Kevin Flynn action figure? How about Gem? Honestly my favorite part of the movie is watching her lead Sam into Castor’s bar. So a little action figure sculpted with those fine digital child-birth’n hips would have been nice to have (yes, I’m that pathetic).

Quorra Action Figure

Back of Quorra Action Figure

Well, that’s all I have for now. If you get a chance, check these out in the stores and let us know what you think. Enjoy the rest of your Sunday!

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