If ever I wanted to hump a fish, this’d be the one. Serious though, I’ve had a lot of red wine, it’s getting late, and I’m a little drunk. Still, in my ongoing quest to find the amazing and wonderful things created in the realm of geekdom, I came across this amazing painting earlier on deviantart.com by artist Kazeki. What I like most about this painting is both the serene form of the figure, and its pseudo-realism. Kazeki takes the Disney concept and runs with it in an ultra sexy way and makes Ariel look almost regal, even though she is half fish. Kazeki created this great looking piece in Photoshop CS4, and apparently it took her a couple of weeks (see what you can do with some study and a lot of hard work kids!). I highly recommend you give her gallery a look, or go to her website, and let her know she’s doing a great job. Okay, I’m feeling really, REALLY, dizzy now and want to go play some WoW before I drop.


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