Hey Geeks! 2010 is rapidly coming to an end, and a new year is before us. Maybe it’s just me, but it seems like the years are going by too damn quickly. Anyhow, Trog and I talked for awhile tonight about Atomic Moo, and what we would like to do for this site in 2011. So we set some goals, and hopefully, with a lot of hard work on our part, we will achieve them. So here they are, our Atomic Moo goals (or resolutions) for 2011:

1. Community

I guess every site wants this. What’s the point of having a website if nobody visits it? So something we want to keep working on is finding ways to develop a community of regular visitors for the site. We definitely want to keep it friendly and troll-free, but we would like to see more interaction and comments. I keep reading the way to do that is to add value to your posts, or make your posts valuable to your visitors. I’ll admit that I’m not exactly sure how to do that. Something we thought might help is we want to focus more on fan-based creative topics. We both agree we are way more interested in geek-art, cosplay, fan films, and every other way geeks get creative than we are about stuff like movie rumors and that kind of bull-shit. Also we would like to explore more of the subjects in geekdom that we’re not very familiar with (sorry, but I’ve never seen an episode of Buffy or Firefly…), and maybe talk more about the things we get a little nostalgic for (just watched the Black Hole tonight!). Something else we talked about was doing more reviews (movie, comic book, toy, etc…). We’d like to do more of those, or at least learn how to get better at writing them, but time and money gets in the way.

2. More Downloadable Content

I want to create more downloadable wallpapers for the site, as well as get those stickers I put together printed up. Also I have some ideas for papercraft projects I’d like to work up and make available for download. I have other ideas, but those are the ones I want to hop on to as soon as I can. Mostly because those projects are cheap to produce… well I don’t know about the stickers yet, but the other stuff doesn’t really cost me that much to put together and make available for you to download.

3. A Web-Comic Strip

This is something Trog and I have talked about for a long time now, and we would want to see it happen this year. So we wrote out a plan to accomplish this. The next few Saturdays we’re going to dedicated to writing and drawing up our idea for a web comic. We fully expect the first few to suck, so don’t expect anything anytime soon. All I’m saying is sometime in 2011, we hope to have a web comic on Atomic Moo.

That’s about it. I’m not going to deny that I hope this site becomes successful, and that we might even be able to find away to benefit from it financially. That might not happen, but here’s hoping for it anyways. Still, we’re going to keep having fun with Atomic Moo, try to get more creative and learn as much as we can.  We hope this next year our visitor will enjoy it, and will keep coming back. We’re always looking for feedback, so if you have any suggestions, comments, ideas, or concerns, please let us know.

Have a happy new year!

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