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Red Letter Media

What better way to kick-off the new year than with a brand new film review of Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith by Mr. Plinkett on (Well, Chudd found a way last night with two Irish Car Bombs, a couple glasses of whiskey, a glass of zinfandel, a bottle of Dos Equis and a cheap cigar… he’s currently recovering on the couch…)?

Like many other fans, I was very disappointed with the Star Wars prequels. I know a lot of people will disagree with me on this, but I kind of wish Lucas would call it all a mulligan and just remake them, but this time maybe let someone else sit in the director’s chair. It’s not that I’m a film elitist, or unwilling to accept new Star Wars films, it’s just that these films were so tragically bad! Even as far as bad films go they were bad (at least in Show Girls you got to see some tits). In fact, Phantom Menace is now my standard for bad. Every film I watch is through the lens of “better or worst” than Phantom Menace and it doesn’t take much for a film to achieve better (the only film I can think of right now that was worse was Battlefield Earth). However, at least we did get one good thing out of the millions of dollars and man hours put into producing these fucking amazing disasters, and that thing is Red Letter Media’s entertaining and insightful reviews. These reviews take a very interesting and critical look at the making and final product of possibly the greatest cinematic let down ever. So, grab a cold beverage, comfy chair, and maybe some hot pizza rolls, and watch the best damn film review your ever going to see. Enjoy!

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  1. When you are finished focusing on RedLetterMedia’s Plinkett review of the Revenge of the Sith movie, how about spending some time focusing on how the media landscape from that time period was equally as troubling. From Star Wars’ fan attacks on subcultures to FBI/ICE joint operations sending people to jail, the months around the release of Revenge of the Sith were interesting times, not just for Star Wars fandom but for issues like freer internets, the mispronunciation of Sith, intercultural and cross international boarder expression and much much more. %20’s, THEE BACKSLACPKPING WITH MEDIA, condenses the hundreds of hours of individual to corporate media into a 3.5 hour documediamentary which you can choose to spend as little or as much time as you want.

    Think you got it? then watch some:

    Confused? Then here’s a piece of a review:

    Quote: “As you probably have guessed, this is not your typical fanedit. It’s a documentary about Star Wars, yet that is not its mission. It’s a mashup yet its goal is not necessarely the entertainment value usually associated with such edits. The best way I could describe this thing is that it’s a commentary on the current state of the media. No wait – it’s a mockumentary on the way we perceive media. No, that’s not exactly it. It’s an extrapolation on how media will be fed to us somewhere down the line in 20, 30 years. Actually, it is all these things.

    Thee Backslacpkping With Media is a meticulously assembled piece of art which has so many levels of depths that it is almost impossible to review in a conventional way. It is rather meant to be analyzed, deconstructed and talked about endlessly. It is meant to make us simultaneously examine the impact Star Wars has had on the way movies are marketed; the way the media has handled the hype surrounding the prequels; the way we assimilate information; the current state of the internet and where it’s headed; how corporations are shaping modern copyright laws; how we perceive art and what is “stealing” and what is “hommage” and what is derivative work and… too many questions that I will not go into here, because that is not the purpose of this review.”

    FAQ: (now with more FBI/ICE FOIA Documentation!)

  2. Well, that settles it. This is officially not just a site, but a Web Site, since Anonymous has shown up, and he’s talking about subtle, insidious government involvement.

    Cool story, bro. Tell /x/ I said hi.

  3. Cool, I still want to get one of those Guy Fawkes masks…

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