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Hey Geeks! Wow, the rain is really coming down out there. Anyways, sorry I haven’t been posting that much lately, but I’ve been trying to reorganize my portfolio into a book format (I’m trying to come up with something I can leave behind with potential employers or clients). I had an idea to maybe include some of the thumbnails and rough sketches I do while conceptualizing a project. I figure it couldn’t hurt to show my process. So,while digging through some of my old sketchbooks, I found several doodles and quick sketches I’ve done since I’ve been down here in California.  I thought I would share a few of them here.

The one above is a quick Cthulhu doodle. I must have done this one back in 2007, maybe while I was still going to school up in Utah. I know the whole cartoon Cthulhu has been done to death, but I forgot all about this one, and it made me chuckle when I saw it.


Another one I don’t remember doing, or why… I must of been trying to draw this from a magazine or a comic… or something.


Sexy Psylocke… My favorite X-Girl. Wait… that doesn’t sound right. X-Babe? No, that sounds like she use to be a babe, but no longer is… I don’t know.


I’m always drawing big eyed aliens. I guess maybe because I was an X-Files fan in high school. I usually draw them doing some thing odd, like smoking, holding guns, etc… Once I was sitting out on my front porch, sketching aliens, when my previous neighbor’s dad came stumbling up next to me (he’d been staying with her for a week or so, and seemed to be drinking the whole time). He looked at my drawings and said “you must’ve been visit’d!” Although I’m very certain I haven’t, I am fairly certain that he believes he has. I really didn’t want to go in to it, so I closed my sketchbook and quickly changed the subject.


I’m not sure what this was… A space-man character idea I guess.


This was a quick Vampirella sketch I did a while ago. I think I was just drawing naked chicks and this one I drew to look like Vampirella. That’s pretty much all I draw anymore… naked girls, aliens and skulls. It’s like being in high school again. I’m not a regular collector of Vampirella comics, but I do love it when I see girls at comic con attempt to cosplay her.

I guess that’s enough for tonight. Going through some of these old sketchbooks kind of bummed me out. I like to draw, but I never seem to do it. Maybe that should be my New Year’s resolution: DRAW MORE!

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  1. Mine is DRINK MORE.

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