Saturn Girl By Mario Chavez

Hi everyone! So, in my ongoing quest to find those things both geeky and awesome I’ve come across a seriously amazing portfolio of work by artist Mario Chavez on

Chavez does all sorts of cool and sexy art often featuring super-heroins and villains like Catwoman, Wonder Woman, Black Cat, and many others.

Cat Woman by Mario Chavez

From what I read on his profile page the art is mostly done on bristle board or water color paper and Chavez uses a combination of inks and water color to paint. To me his style is amazing. It’s a great mix of pin up style art and geek culture. It kind of reminds me of art by Dean Yeagle and has an almost Disney like quality to the figures. His subtle use of color also stands out and gives the paintings a very creative uniqueness, check this one out;

And his work isn’t all just sexy chicks in tight vinyl (though it should be). Chavez does many cool illustrations featuring The Joker, Batman, and one of my favorites, Zombie Captain America:

Anywayz, Mario Chavez does commission work and can be contact through his Deviant Art Profile page. Go check out his art and maybe get him to do piece of work for you. And I got to tell you, if I had a few nickels to my name, I’d get me a Princess Leia being spanked by some robot thing …yup, that’s what I’d do alright. Damn, where did I put all my nickles…

‘night geeks!

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