Strange and Slightly Disturbing Star Wars Pin-up Art

Miss Ackbar

Good morning geeks! I have to apologize again for not posting as much as I normally do. Trying to get my portfolio put together has taken up most of my week, and I haven’t had time for much else. Anyhow, I was going through my reader this morning and came across these kind of strange Star Wars pin-ups (thanks to for sharing). I don’t know who made these, and I tried to follow the link trail back to find out (NerdBastards>> Let us know if you know there name. They should get credit for this. There’s more at the sites I just listed, so if you want to see them, just click on the links. I’m just going to post the three I like best, aside from the lady Ackbar image above. That’s actually my favorite… I’m not sure what that says about me. Enjoy the rest of you day!

Tie Fighter Pilot

Lady Greedo

Sand Woman?

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  1. I’m more about the Tie Female Pilot.

    See, because she’s a human.

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