Hey Geeks! I hope you all have had a great weekend. I didn’t get a damn thing done that I’d hoped to, but then what else is new. Yesterday an old friend of ours, Jeremy, held a “Spartacus” marathon at his house, and we watched the entire Blood and Sand series. Chris, another old friend, and a regular commenter on Atomic Moo, was also there, so it was good to see the both of them again. We also got to try “Candied Bacon” for the first time, and believe me, there was no part of it that got wasted… and I mean no part. They even started munching on the congealed sugar and bacon grease after it had cooled down and hardened. Of course I tried a piece. It tasted like bacon flavored hard candy. Good times… good times… Anyhow, I’m in a Spartacus/ gladiator/ wanna see some blood and skulls bashed in kind of mood right now, and after seeing the trailer for the upcoming Spartacus: Gods of the Arena, I thought I would share it here. Looks like it starts on January 21, so we don’t have that long to wait. Still, you have some time to figure out how to make some candied bacon of your own to enjoy while you watch it.

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