cthulhu neck-tie

Hey geeks! I just came across this on Cthulhu neck-tie tutorial (“A R’lyeh Standard”) on BoingBoing.net (and it looks like they found it on Collegehumor.com), so thanks to both of them for sharing this with the rest of us. It looks like it was part of a bigger post titled “5 New Ways to Tie a Tie”, by Caldwell Tanner. I would love to see someone actually try this. I would try it myself, except I’m so broke I only have one tie… left to me by father 15 years ago. Someday I hope to have a son so I can pass it down to him, and then see it go to his boy, and so on. Everything else I have will either be buried with me, or sold in my final days… I’ll spend the money on as many hookers and cigars as a dying man could want…  Anyhow, If anyone out there is willing to try this out, send us a pic and we’ll post it on our blog.

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