The Death Star

While looking for a post this morning I came across two stat filled articles on showing us how big and small the internet really is. Using information from the tech company Pingdom, Business Insider shows us some amazing stats. For instance in 2010:

There were over 255 million websites and 107 trillion emails were sent. There are 1.97 billion internet users worldwide. 600 million Facebook users and 25 million tweets sent. Also, as of 2010 there was 152 million blogs.

And according to the second article, titled The Internet is Ridiculously Small The net has a ways to go yet:

According to the article Paypal processed $86 billion in transactions, but Visa and Master Card processed literally trillions of transactions. Also in 2010, online advertising amounted to about $40 billion but that’s only about 10% of all advertising spending.

I think the most important thing to learn from all this is that, yes there are over 255 million websites, but you only need this one. Let’s just forget about Atomic Moo’s 151,999,999 other competitors in the blogging world and focus our love on this little piece of geek heaven.

C’ya El Moochadores!

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