I would not consider my self a “smart” person. That is, I’ll probably never make any scientific discoveries or develop a ground breaking mathematical proof that will alter the world, but that doesn’t stop me from being a science fan boy. One of my favorite scientist to follow is astrophysicist and director of the Hayden Planetarium, Neil DeGrasse Tyson. The dude has a sense of humor and way of looking at the universe that I feel is unique among his contemporaries. This morning I came across a YouTube video posted by Ufofootagetwo where in Tyson describes the some what sad uniqueness of our own human intelligence in relation to meeting a somewhat superior alien intelligence. Watch the clip and learn that our intelligence, everything we’ve created as a species, though incredible, may not be the end all be all of comprehension. Or as I would normally say, deep shit dude ….wow. Anywayz, check it out and if you have any other cool and unique science videos that you find interesting, please share them with us.


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