History of the Soviet Union to the Tune of Tetris

Tetris Video

Good morning people. Check out this awesome video of the History of the Soviet Union, played to the tune of Tetris. I’ve wasted many of what could have been productive hours on that game. I should unplug my phone, find a copy of it, and play it all day. That’s probably the best way to handle  a Monday. Thanks to SplendidLumpkin for sending us the youtube link (nice email dude…).

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  1. Saw this forever ago. It’s on my mp3 player.

    I love it as much as I hate Communism.

  2. Come on, being a child of the 80’s I bet you miss the Soviet Union as much as anyone else. What’s life with out the looming threat of a nuclear holocaust hanging over us? Also, now when we run around with toy machine guns and scream “WOLVERINES!!!” people just look at us funny.

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