Tron Legacy by mistermoster

Hey people. I was just browsing through while I wait for my printer to finish chugging along (I also feel a little stressed out tonight, so I thought it might take my mind off of stuff), and I came across this great looking Tron Legacy illustration by Mexican artist mistermoster. I have no idea what this guy’s real name is… he’s got a blog though (or “el blog”, click here to see it), unfortunately I don’t speak Spanish (hell, I can barely manage English), and I can’t figure out which one is his name. Garabato maybe??? Anyhow, he’s got some other great work on DeviantArt, like this Superman with his morning coffee illustration:

Superman mistermoster

This guy has gotta be a professional. You should definitely check out his stuff and let him know he’s doing an awesome job. Es Bueno…

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