NASA-The Frontier is Everywhere Fan Video

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Good morning. Check out this awesome fan made video by Reid Gower, where he puts together images from NASA with the voice of Carl Sagan. I saw this earlier on, and they seem to make clear that this wasn’t an official NASA video. It’s still pretty cool. While I was getting ready for the day, I couldn’t stop thinking of when Sagan said it probably won’t be us that reaches our nearest stars, but that it will be a species very much like us. How long would it take for a new species of humans to evolve, and what kind of changes to our environment, culture, or whatever else, could make that happen? Also, If there ever was a new species of humans, that had “more of our strengths, but fewer of our weaknesses,” then I would imagine that they probably wouldn’t be up to watching crap like Family Guy. They might be a little above that… I could be wrong.

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  1. I’m above Family Guy.

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