Today, Wizard Entertainment shut down their long running magazine, Wizard. It’s weird, but I kind of feel like a grandparent, or really cool uncle, just died. Sure, I haven’t visited in awhile, but I didn’t want them to die. Wizard was a big part of my teenage years and I can remember picking up some of the earlier issues at our local comic shop when I was 15 years old. Back then everything in comics was all about Spawn, Crossovers, and Chromium Covers, but it was all made so much cooler through the lens of Wizard magazine. I continued to collect the magazine all the way through college and only stopped reading it Six or Seven years ago. I don’t want to eulogize Wizard (who knows what the company will end up doing with the title), but I feel that this Magazine helped to make geek culture something cool and fun to be a part of. Wizard Entertainment has yet to announce the fate of it’s other publication, Toyfare, but the rumors bouncing around the web suggest it may be doomed as well. I’d just like to finish this post by saying thanks to the many people who staffed Wizard magazine and made it so damn awesome over the years. Goodbye Wizard, we’ll miss you.

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