Ode to a Geek

Ode to a Geek

Good morning El Moochadores! Check out this awesome geek song, “Ode to a Geek” by Lorraine. I’ll admit, I don’t know much about music (my favorite bands are Gwar and the Misfits…), but I have to say she’s got a great voice, easy on the eyes, and entertaining to listen to. Looks she’s part of that NYC improv group, Creative Differences, that we posted about the other day (Star Wars Episode 7-What are the Odds). Also she’s part of a youtube channel called girlssiderules, which also has some really neat stuff (I just finished watching a funny video about a girl’s addiction to a Facebook game on there).

After watching these videos, I’m just wondering, as I have many times before, where the hell do you meet girls like these (good looking girls with some geek in them, that maybe you could share some common interests with… and also might be willing to dress up like an Orion slave girl for you)? Seems like they’re a pretty elusive breed… or maybe there’s just not enough them out there? I dunno… we have plenty evidence that they exist, but where are they? Anyhow, I have to start my work day. Check out the video below, and let us know what you think.

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  1. I absolutely love her work! This gal is so creative and very talented 🙂 Great Job!!!

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