I don’t know much about Indian culture and I’ve never been a fan of any “Bollywood” films… actually, I’ve never even seen a Bollywood film… hell, I’m not even sure it that’s what they’re really called… anyways, the point is, I’m just not that familiar with them. However, after watching this video (which I assume is the best actions scenes in the film), I think I could get in to them. Lot’s of explosions, hot Indian girls, and giant helicopter eating snakes made up of robots with skunk hair linking arms… DAMN, this flick has it all. If only Syfy (we pronounce it Siffee) could produce films of this quality, but they don’t. So, thanks a bunch to laughingsquid.com for finding this gem and sharing it with the world. Hopefully we’ll be part of that chain that passes it on, and spread the goodness.


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