I just notice on the dashboard it said we’ve managed 400 posts now (this is #401). Sure, most of them have been rambling, incoherent half-ass post we got from other sites (regurges), but hey… I’m impressed. Anyways, I just uploaded some new wallpapers that I’ve been working on these last few nights. I actually started working on them last week, but I got sidetracked with some portfolio stuff (I had an interview last Friday).

These are based on the Masters of the Universe cartoon from the 1980s. It was either last Monday or Tuesday night, I was a little stressed out and couldn’t sleep (job sucks, little savings, getting older, lots of debt, no women, etc…), so I stayed up watching some old He-Man cartoons on Youtube. At least they reminded me of a time when I didn’t have much to worry about (except our parents splitting up, our Mom dragging us up to Oregon mid third grade, the jack-asses she proceeded to date while up there to replace our father, the thirteen year old neighborhood bullies that made the next two years a living hell for us, finding out that we were Mormons and that those same bullies didn’t like Mormons, and those nasty ass big yellow slugs that were all over the place…). Yep, good times… good times…

Anyhow, check these out. I’m always looking for feedback, so let me know what you think. I’m still not sure how legal it is to do these (something I’ll look into this weekend… or I’ll just wait until I get a cease and desist letter…), so just remember their for personal use only… not sure what the hell else you’d do with them though. I’m tired. I think I’ll go to bed now.



Evil Lyn

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