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Earlier today I went on facebook to procrastinate (that means I was putting off work for a bit… not to… well, you know… I go to DeviantArt for that), and I came across a post by telling people to “go like Kat’s art!” So, I did (I’m easily persuaded). Then I actually checked out her work, and I ended up really liking what she does. Kat is a professional artist from Salt Lake City, Utah, and she takes old “discarded” paintings and puts cool geeky stuff in them like AT-ATs and zombies. On her etsy shop, she says “Some call it ‘Interventionist’ some call it ‘retro-awesomist’, but whatever you wanna call it, I am giving old art new death!”

After checking out her work, I’m really sorry I spent my last twenty bucks on a new nose hair trimmer, but then again I really did need it. It was starting look like Cthulhu was hiding in my nostrils. Anyways, I added some of her images below, and you can see more of her work on her websites ( and, and also on etsy. If you’re not a poor white kid like myself, then you should think about buying some of Kat’s art work, and support the more talented among us geeks.

A Winter's Stroll

Sea Creature's Dinner

Ensign Phaserbait

Yeti Wampa

Giant Killer Robot Gort

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  1. YOU SO RULE! Thanks for this huge shout out and making me LOL for realsies.
    Keep up the bloggin’!

  2. No problem, you do awesome work, and we hope to see more from you.

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