Nerdy Girls Need Love Too

Looks like I made it through another day… barely. Trog keeps telling me we should put a donation button on here to help pay for the hosting fees (because Flying Spaghetti Monster knows that those google ads are damn near worthless), but I doubt it would help much. Now I’m thinking I should ask for donations just to help me get out of my day job. I could say “for the price of less than a cup of coffee a day, you could help a chubby thirty-four year old geek fulfill his dreams of sitting on his ass all day to play video games and read comic books…” What d’ya say kids? Wanna help yer Uncle Chudd become the lazy fat bastard he’s always wanted to be???

Sorry for the rant there. I’ll try to stay on topic now. So, I saw this Youtube video earlier on, and it’s worth checking out. It’s Amy Lee-Radigan’s first Youtube music video, and hopefully we’ll get to see more from her soon. The girl definitely has talent. The song is called “Nerdy Girls Need Love Too.” Okay, I’m just letting all you girls out there know that there’s a 5’11, 190 pound geek here willing to spread some nerd love all over you if you’re ever in the mood… plenty of it to go around… enough to cover every inch of you… and your friends too… Have I hit that right tone of subtle creepiness yet? Eh, close enough…

Anyhow, you can find out more about Amy on her Youtube page, or on her Website. She’s also got a facebook page for you to like as well. Check out the video below, and let her know she’s doing an awesome job.

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