Black Stormtrooper

I can’t believe I never heard of Black Stormtrooper until this morning. I was going through my reader, half asleep, when I came across this on Looks like one of the actors from Scrubs, Donald Faison, is a big Star Wars fan and produces these Lego stop-motion videos. I thought both these videos were pretty entertaining. It reminded me of those times when my brother and I would drag out all our Star Wars action figures and play with them on the living room floor. Okay, that was just last week, but still these videos had that kind of feeling where I expected to hear someone say “PEW PEW” when ever one of the blasters would fire.  Also, if there’s a Black Stormtrooper, would it be cool to dress up like a White Lando for Halloween or ComicCon, or something? Just wondering…

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