Kitchens by Zod

Image of General Zod from Superman II

Currently, I live in a small apartment with a tiny kitchen adjacent to the living room. It’s cozy, and being in San Diego County it only costs a small fortune to maintain (fortunately, with the promise of a first born, and a pound of flesh, I was able to save a little on the deposit). However, I do dream of someday having my own home and a large kitchen where my nudist, super-model, Brazilian wife will cook all my healthy meals. In this dream I also have a jet pack and uncanny marital arts skills, but anyways, the point is that one day if I get this kitchen I’d want it to be the best damn kitchen …ever. So of course I’d have to use the award winning designs by Zod Kitchens. Check out this very funny YouTube video submitted by Zoomosis and you’ll see what a true master of kitchen design General Zod really is. Kneel before Zod!

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  1. lol yeah Zod from Supper Man haha Totally!

    Ya, I want a fancy kitchen too!

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