I don’t want to start this post off on a sour note or anything, but don’t you hate it when you wake up from a good dream to realize it’s only Wednesday, and it’s raining outside? Sorry, it just kind of bummed me out a little (okay, in the dream there were attack helicopters, zombies, and a couple hot asian chicks… and I have to wake up to three more work days and rain? My life sucks!). Anyways, check out these great looking calaveras, or sugar skull, illustrations by Jonathan Koshi. That Alien one looks pretty bad ass, but I think the Pac Man one (above) is my favorite. Each print is 12″ x 12″ and going for forty bucks a piece. I wouldn’t doubt that he sells out on these. I posted some images of the prints below. Check them out and enjoy.

Sugar vs Surga by Koshi

LV 426 Sugar Colony by Koshi

Lego My Sugar by Koshi

Sugarcorn by Koshi

Piggy's Sugar by Koshi

Sugar Pellet by Koshi

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