Frak Video

Finally it’s Friday! I just have to make it through this day and, maybe, I can keep a small portion of my sanity… maybe. As soon as I get done with work, I’m heading down to Del Mar and grabbing a couple corona sized cigars and then… well, that’s about it. My weekend plans are usually pathetic. Anyhow, never mind that shit, here’s something I saw on YouTube last night that’s pretty neat. It’s a new music video parody from, Tonight I’m Frakking You. I was never much of a Caprica fan, but holy cow Alessandra Torresani looks hot in the metal bikini! Also it was nice to see Amy Okuda (Tinkerballa from The Guild) as a sexy Ghostbuster, and Richard Hatch (BSG) as a bartending pirate…. and so what if there was a Vulcan Jedi in it, I still think they did a good job. Check it out below, and enjoy.

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