Action Figure Therapy

Hey El Moochadors. Looks like I’m having a decent weekend so far (despite all the rain). Last night my brother and I enjoyed a couple of cigars down in Del Mar, and later that evening I was able to impart some of my wisdom upon a young mind—I was at the video store where some strange kid started talking to me, and asked me to recommend a good movie. So I pointed him towards Virtuosity. Can’t go wrong with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe in a classic sci-fi thriller, right?  Well, he said it looked too old and instead went with Shooter. Too old? It only came out in 1995! God I hate kids… Today I’ve been working on a vector icon set I’m hoping to upload to my iStock account, but I was able to make it out to the comic book shop and grabbed some issues of Dead Pool, X-Men, and Uncanny X-Force that I want to read later tonight. So, yup, it’s been a decent weekend.

Anyhow, I guess I should get to what I wanted to post about. I came across an awesome video, from Action Figure Therapy, earlier today on Facebook, and thought it was pretty neat. I found there was more than just the one I saw posted, so I put up a few of them below. They’re about some old GI Joe action figures working out their problems with a therapist, and they’re created by Dan Bialek. Along with the YouTube channel, there’s also a Facebook page for you to check out. Take a look, visit their pages and let Dan and his crew know they’re doing a great job. I’m going to go read some comics…

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