Skittle Yoshi Kart

Here’s something really cool I stumbled upon this morning while trolling around on Check out all this awesome Skittle Art by Matt McManis. Looks like he’s got a DeviantArt page and a website where you can share your own Skittle creations. I’m tempted to go down and pick up a couple bags and try this myself, except I know I would just end up eating them. Still, I wouldn’t mind seeing some really cool Skittle Star Wars art, or more Skittle Simpsons… or how about some Skittle Doctor Who? Also, does it always have to be Skittles? Can you throw in a Snickers bar or some other type of candy?  Some Whoppers maybe…??? I dunno, maybe that’s going a little too crazy. Anyways, check it out and enjoy.

Skittle Frog Mario

Tanooki Mario Skittles

Skittle Mega ManSkittle Link

Mario Skittles

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