West Wars Action Figures

You know, I’ve always wondered what a Native American version of Chewbacca would look like… Check out these great looking West Wars action figures from Sillof. Before he’s taken the characters from Star Wars and re-imagined them as Samurai, Steampunk, and WWII action figures. Now he’s giving them them the Old West treatment. These are some great ideas here. If these were on the shelves of the local toy store, I would be tempted to pick a few up. Not that I frequent toy stores often… I’m 34. I’m too old for that stuff now, or so I’m told. Anyhow, I posted more images below. Visit his site or his DeviantArt page. He’s also got a Facebook page you can like. Let him know he’s doing a great job so he’ll keep making more. I’m off to scrounge up some breakfast.

Bob A. Ford/Boba Fett

Hank/Han Solo


Kennely/Obi Wan Kenobi




Rusty/ R2-D2

Vardas/ Vader

Bear/ Chewbacca

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