Hot Italian Cosplay Girl: Giorgia

Giorgiacosplay Wonder Woman

Hey El Moochadors. It seems like lately all I’ve had time for is a quick regurge of something I find off my reader in the morning. Hopefully soon that will change. I’m trying to work on more original content and downloads for the site, but I would also like to keep trying to find awesome creative and geeky fan-based stuff that’s out there to post about. Cosplay definitely falls under that. Especially hot sexy tall and foreign brunette cosplayers…

Not too long ago I came across some great looking cosplay of a gorgeous Italian model, Giorgia Vecchini, on DeviantArt (GiorgiaCosplay), and I thought she deserves a moo from us. Jeez… I think I need to take a trip to Italy. Okay, who the hell am I kidding? I can’t even afford the five bucks worth of gas to get up to Oceanside (there’s a comic shop I like up there). I tried reading over her bio on her website, but it’s all in Italian, and all I speak is English… and I can barely manage that. Still there was interesting stuff about her on her DeviantArt page. She’s from Verona, the city where the play Romeo and Juliet was based in (I’ve only ever read some of it, but in the ninth grade we did get to watch that old sixties movie… even the naughty parts), and she likes The Goonies and Young Frankenstein, so that’s a couple pluses for her in my book. Check out some of her images below, and visit her site and her DeviantArt gallery. Let her know she’s doing an awesome job so she’ll keep dressing up for us lonely geeks.


Princess Moon by GiorgiaCosplay

Meowwwww by Girogiacosplay

Majokko Time by Griogiacosplay

In the middle by Giorgiacosplay

A different prospective by Giorgiacosplay

Neko Girl by Giorgiacosplay

Maleficent by Giorgiacosplay


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