A Team AT-AT

Here’s something I’ve seen buzzing around the web. Check out these great looking styles of AT-ATs from a guy that goes by the name of SevenHundred on RedBubble.com. His profile says he’s from Glasgow, 30 and a geek. He also says “I pretend to be a professional graphic designer from 9ish to 5.” Hey, that’s what I do! If I’m ever in Scotland I’ll have to buy him a drink… of course with what I make from pretending to be a graphic designer that probably won’t happen any time soon.

Below I posted the designs I saw on Bite.ca. I dunno… I think I like the General Lee one the best. Don’t get the wrong idea, I just think it would be cool to load that thing up with a shit load of moonshine and see if I could jump a bridge in it while out running the local sheriff. He’s got some more cool looking AT-AT designs, and other cool geeky graphics on his RedBubble portfolio that you can have printed on a shirt (like the Saturday Morning AT-ATs look pretty cool).

Dukes AT-AT

Grease AT-AT

Hogwarts Express AT-AT

Kill Bill AT-AT


Mario Kart AT-AT

Scooby Doo AT-AT

Love Bug AT-AT

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