A Good Start for the Weekend


I have to say that so far this weekend is off to a good start. Earlier Trog and myself were able to enjoy a couple of nice cigars, where we also talked about some of our goals for Atomic Moo and what we would like to accomplish here. I’ve already started a project that I hope to have finished by tomorrow night and posted on here.

After we got back I found a new game on AdultSwim.com: Yeti Sasquatch Annihilation! I think I found something almost addictive as Robot Unicorn Attack, but doesn’t make me feel uncomfortable playing it.

Later we walked down to the local theater and caught the 9:30 showing of Rango. Honestly, it was a damn good movie. It was made even better by the fact that there were very few people in the theater—there weren’t any cells phones flashing or crying kids. Of course I’ll probably like any movie that gives a nod to Hunter S. Thompson and jokes about prostate exams. Overall the animation was great, the story was good, and it had a great sense of humor. I don’t feel bad giving up the $9.50 to see it.

Well, I’m starting to crash, so I’ll call it a night. Hopefully tomorrow will be be just as nice or even better.


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  1. I still haven’t ever played as a Sasquatch.

    Yeti, all day e’ery day.

    • I’ve tried both. There’s not much difference, other than color, but for some reason I like playing as Sasquatch. Maybe it’s because they remind me of Chewbacca… I dunno.

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