Sexy Nightmare Slayers

Here’s something I saw on that’s worth a look. It’s called Sexy Nightmare Slayers, and it’s got a couple of the girls from Team Unicorn in it (they did the Super Harmony spoof and the Geek and Gamer Girls Videos), Clare Grant and Rileah Vanderbilt. Here’s a brief description:

Wherever nightmares abound and things go bump in the night, the D.R.E.A.M. Angels are on the scene to calm scared children and slay scary creatures. While wearing bikinis, of course. From Adam Green (Director of Frozen, Hatchet and Hatchet 2) and Ariescope Pictures.

I’m sold! I hope they continue to make more of these. The first time I watched this (yeah, I’ve watched it a couple times… maybe three or so… or more) I thought that kid was the luckiest little bastard on Earth, but then I noticed he suddenly got man hands when he was groping her, and briefly you get a quick shot of a week old beard on his chin. So I guess his stand-in is the lucky bastard. Anyways, enjoy the video below. I’ve gotta start my work day soon, so I’m going to go slam my head in the door to prepare for it.

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