She Don't Like Firefly

Check out this music video by Mikey Mason, about how he had to dump his woman because she didn’t like Firefly. Today I finally decided to give Firefly a chance, so it’s kind of funny I came across this (thanks to NerdBastards for sharing). I watched part of the first episode at lunch, then finished it when I was done with work. Since then I’ve watched up to episode 5 (it’s the one where Summer Glau almost gets burned alive for being a witch). I have to say that I’m liking it. At first I thought the idea of cowboys in space sounded a little lame, but it’s kind of making sense that worlds on the outer rim wouldn’t have access to a lot of technology, and be sort of backwards. Still, would they all be so “hick” like? Some of the characters remind me of my relatives up in Utah. Anyhow, check out Mikey’s YouTube channel and watch his video below. One more thing, if a geek some how did hook up with a girl that hot, I doubt he’d let his obsession with Firefly get in the way. Just saying I’d make the sacrifice. I would draw the line at Empire Strikes Back though. A man’s gotta have standards.


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