Jubal Early Was Cooler Than Boba Fett


Sorry, I’m not trying to pick a nerd fight. I just finished watching the last episode of Firefly tonight, and that’s the impression I walked away with. As far as space bounty hunters go, I thought Jubal was way cooler than Boba Fett ever was. This is coming from a die-hard  Star Wars fan (of the original trilogy at least), though I’ll have to admit I never really saw the appeal of the Fett. I know, he had the helmet… but that’s about it. He was still accidentally knocked into the open maw of a sand beast by a blind man. Seemed like it took a lot more work to get rid of Jubal. Fett was pretty cool in ESB though, I’ll give him that. He just died in a really dumb way.

So, now that I’ve watched the series I can understand why fans seemed so disappointed that it was canceled. I don’t really consider my self a “Brown Coat” now, but I did like all the characters, and the stories were entertaining enough. There definitely should have been more. Not much we can do about it now though. I guess I’ll have to watch Serenity again. I saw that several years ago, but I don’t remember much about it. I think I may have fallen asleep during it. I was working a graveyard shift at a shitty factory job back then, and would constantly fall asleep during movies. So I’m not saying anything against the movie. For all I know it’s a great movie… that I can’t remember. Anyhow, since I’m all hopped up on Firefly I wouldn’t mind hearing what others thought of it. Let me know what you think.



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  1. Firefly was a good popcorn Sci-Fi show. And, yeah, Jubal was a bad-ass. Seems he was harder to shake than Fett ever was, but no one even knows who he is.

    That seem right to you?

  2. Nope, it doesn’t.

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