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Okay, because of health reasons, I’ve been on a diet for the last month and I’ve had to cut out pretty much everything enjoyable from what I eat. No fast-food, no chocolate candy bars, no potato chips, no pizza, and no soda pop. All the stuff your average chubby geek loves to eat while playing Warcraft or watching Anime I’ve had to eliminate. It kinda sucks. No wait, it really, super sucks. In fact it has gone from suck to blow. Sure I’ve dropped some pounds but there isn’t a hour that goes by where I don’t desire cramming my face with a Wopper-McNugget sandwich covered in chocolate syrup sauce while popping Peanut M&M’s until I drop.

This is why I think I like this very funny video from Weebl’s Stuff. Sure, it may be a long and goofy commercial for Cadbury Creme Eggs (which is also my all time favorite chocolate candy ever, made all the more desirable since it only comes out one time a year… serious, no joke, I love (LOVE) those little bastards), but it’s also a really cool animation and very fun to watch. So sit back and enjoy this great parody of Inception and watch an egg perform an acting job on par with DiCaprio. Or is that really Leo dreaming he’s an egg dreaming he’s in a dream…?

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