The Italian Spiderman Freaking Rules!

Italian Spiderman

Tonight has been a really awesome night. No, I didn’t get with two hot chicks dressed as Psylocke and Zatanna (someday… someday…). I wouldn’t be posting right now if I had. I did go to the monthly Anime meet up for those of us in San Diego County, Okoré, and had a great time being able to geek-out with others that share similar interests. Afterwards Trog and I smoked a couple decent cigars and enjoyed a cheap bottle of wine (feeling a little buzzed right now). While we were at the meet-up I was introduced to something until now I’d never heard of: The Italian Spiderman (I wonder why they left the hyphen out?). Looks like it’s been around for awhile now (at least 2007), but I thought this was so amazing I had to share it. If you like goofy shit as much as I do, you’ll get kick out of this. They should make action figures of this guy (trumpet included). Hell, I’m thinking this would be some great cosplay for Comic-Con. Anyhow, check it out below. Also I was introduced to Japanese Spider-Man (WTF was with the giant robot?), and just now I found the Turkish Superman. Damn it’s been a good night!




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  1. 1) Italian Spiderman had me laughing like a retard at Chuck E. Cheese’s.

    2) It wouldn’t be Japanese anything if it didn’t have a transformable mech.

    3) Turkish Superman has dead, dead eyes. Creepy.

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