Collab of Badassery by Daniel Araya and Enrique Rivera

Collab of Badassery

This past week there’s been several pieces of great Geek Art buzzing around the web. So I thought I would take some time this morning (or noon… it’s almost 11:30 now) to share some of it here. Above is a piece I saw on called Collab of Badassery, by illustrators Daniel Araya and Enrique Rivera. Now there’s a crossover that needs to happen. Check out more great illustrations below.

Sandpeople Footprints

Star Wars Footprints

I have no idea who created this, but they deserve a pat on the back. I saw this on (who got it from, and they didn’t seem to know either. Well, whoever they are, thanks!

Procrastinate by Bamboota


Here’s an awesome Doctor Who inspired T-shirt from RIPT Apparel that I came across this morning on It’s by an artist that goes by Bamboota (Crystal Fontan), who did a great job on the design. From what I read on GeeksOfDoom, It’s only on sale for a 24 hour period (from midnight March 13 2011 to midnight March 14 2011). So if you want one, today is the day… so DON’T procrastinate.


Awesome Work of Dan Schoening

Dapper Dan4

GeekTyrant did an awesome post this week showing off the work of Dan Schoening. This was the first time I’ve come across his work, but after taking some time to look over it I have to say that I really like Dan’s illustrative style. Definitely makes me want to start drawing more. You can see more of his work on his blog.


A Very X-Men Hangover by Bobby Rubio

A Very X-Men Hangover

Here’s a great piece of work on from Illustrator Bobby Rubio (barrypresh). His profile says he’s a Story Artist for Pixar, and worked on “Up.” He also has his own creator owned comics: “Alcatraz High” and “4 Gun Conclusion.” “Alcatraz High” sounds familiar, but I don’t know if I’ve ever read it. Anyhow, check out his DA gallery or go to his website.


Sail Barge Escape by Patrick Schoemaker


Here’s something I came across on Geekleetist by artist Patrick Schoenmaker. On his blog, The Trumpet Parade, hesays this was one of two illustration for the upcoming Star Wars Galaxy 6 trading cards from Topps.


Hurt Heroes by Boneface

Hurt Heroes: Batman

Finally, here are some great illustration of super heroes that had the shit kicked of them, from Boneface. I came across these on, and thought they were pretty neat. You can see the rest of them here.

Well, I don’t know about you all, but I feel inspired now. I think I’ll crack open my sketch book and see what I come up with. Maybe I’ll take a nap first. Then I’ll crack open the sketch book. So a nap, then some lunch, then the sketch book. I should probably go see that new movie Battle: Los Angeles sometime today… and a quick trip up to the comic shop. So I guess the plan is a nap, lunch, movie, comic books, maybe a quick dinner, another nap, then the sketch book. I’m on it! WINNING!

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