It just feels good to finish a Monday. I clocked out from work, came home, cooked some dinner, and found some great looking geeky stuff being made by fanboys and fangirls all over the web. There is some amazing stuff floating around the web this week, like this Star Trek themed wedding cake I first saw on Not that I was a big Voyager fan but I love every episode of TNG or Voyager that featured The Borg. Mostly because they blew a lot of shit up and who doesn’t love a fiery space battle between massive capital ships? I also love this because… well it’s cake. And who the hell doesn’t love a big hunk of cake of massive capital ships about to engage in a fiery space battle?

Image of wedding cakes of Voyager and Borg cube

Okay, not that I’m pastry obsessed (I am), but while at Geeks are Sexy I also found images of this amazing Stargate cake and a short video showing it’s making.

Stargate Cake

Moving on to something not cake related (dammit), this is the coolest snowman ever. EVER! I found this posted on and my addiction for anything Robotech related made me want to post this here. I don’t know who or how long it took this person to make a giant VF-1S but thank you very much. It must have taken many a cold hour working outside but I wonder how they got the snow so yellow…

And last of all is a painting by artist Jorge Jacinto showing what it would be like if the Murlocs from Warcraft got to be the Marines from Starcraft.

There’s so much more cool stuff out there that I’d like to post here but time is running out and I’ve got to get back to illustrating. Let us know if you’ve made, filmed, or baked something geeky and fun and want to share it here on our site.

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