There’s probably something better I could be doing right now (working on my portfolio or my website, redesigning my business cards and resume, studying HTML and CSS, drawing, vectoring my next iStock upload, trolling for porn, etc…), but I don’t feel like doing much of anything. So, in order to feel some what productive before I turn in, I thought I would do a post. Who knew blogging would be a good way to procrastinate? So here are a few neat and geeky things I spotted on the web the last couple days. Enjoy.

Bender Cap


Here’s a nifty looking Bender hat I spotted on Geekologie earlier today. Damn, I really want one of those, but I doubt I’d ever wear it… at least not outside. It was created by Etsy user Cheewawamomma. I have a feeling there’s only one of these (I could be wrong), but who knows, maybe she’ll make more.

R2-D2 XBox

This guy rules. Mark Bongo of Major League Mods, custom built an XBox 360 that looks like R2-D2. Here’s a brief description about it from Youtube:

This is a one of a kind star wars r2d2 xbox 360 with projector and aux inputs. Custom built by Mark Bongo Owner of Major League Mods. Visit my site for your FREE E-book on how 2 mod your xbox….

Check out the video below (thanks to for sharing this one).

David Tennant by misscoffee

David Tennant by Misscoffee

I did a post awhile back on some of member misscoffee’s great looking plush dolls. Here’s one (or three) of her latest creations of the tenth Doctor, David Tennant. You can see more of her work on her DeviantArt gallery, or on her Etsy shop.


Trans Am Edition Landspeeder

Here’s another one I spotted on DeviantArt from user archangel72367. He says on this image “Mesh found on Google 3d Sketchup Warehouse
Built by Gillman. Seat Leather by Rockgem [link]” I have no idea what that means, but i did do a little searching and found this:

Gillman Landspeeder

So, maybe the basic form of this was built by Gillman and archangel just modified it? I don’t know… All I know is that the end result kicks ass. Hasbro needs to hop on this idea and start making toys based on these. Maybe they could do other variations as well. Like a General Lee version. That would be bad ass to.

I guess that’s enough for tonight. Hopefully tomorrow there will be more cool creative geeky stuff to post about.

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