Sorry there was no morning post. I had an early appointment with the doctor today, and didn’t have time. I haven’t felt too well since then either. The visit turned out to be a real pain in the ass… literally! I’ll spare any hapless reader who stumbles upon this blog the details. The horrible horrible details… Anyways, I managed to peel myself off the couch for a moment (where I’ve been most of the day in a shivering fetal position) and I came across this video on Geez, I guess having some awesome piano skills isn’t enough these day. Now you have to dress up like Darth Vader to get noticed. Looks like this guy, YouTube user Vaderplaysforyou, has a few more videos where he dresses up like our favorite Sith Lord and rocks the piano. Check it out, and let him know he’s doing good. I’m going to take a long long long hot shower… I have to feel clean again.

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