What’s with all these hot chicks doing songs about geeks lately? I dunno… it just seems to me like there’s been a lot recently that have been expressing their love for geeks or geeky stuff in general (like the Doubleclicks, Team Unicorn, Amy Lee-Radigan, etc…). Another thing, if there’s all these good looking women out there that are into geeks, then why the hell can’t I find one? Okay, yeah I’m poor, I drive a shitty car, no self-esteem, not in the best shape, rarely shave, kind of directionless right now, and I smoke cigars… but other than that what the hell is my problem? Some day I’ll get this world figured out… Anyhow, here’s another very very attractive girl sharing her love of geeks in song. Her name is Madeline Mann. She pretty and has a nice voice, so why wouldn’t you watch this, right? Check out her YouTube Channel and Facebook page. I’m off to get a cigar in my shitty car.

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