Hey El Moochadors. Yesterday, Trog and myself went to something called an Anime Conji down in San Diego. Unfortunately because of my chronic stomach issues, and fear of using public restrooms, we didn’t to stay too long—don’t judge. So I like a quite place to do my business… with a good book to read… and some soft music.

I have to say that, although I do like some Anime (Robotech, Macross Plus, Ghost in the Shell, Cowboy Bebop, etc…), I’m not a die-hard fan. I don’t know all the different subcategories and terminology, or all the characters from every show. So a lot of the stuff we saw there I had no idea what it was from. Like all the blue haired girls… and why were some girls dressed as flight attendants?

Another problem I had was I felt too old to be there, which is kind of funny since I really enjoy going to Comic Con every year, and any other con I get a chance to attend. Most of the crowd there looked to be under 18. Sorry, but I’ve never felt comfortable around large groups of teenagers… not even when I was a teenager. I think I first started to feel a little too old when we found out a girl behind us in the registration line was from the same town that we grew up in, Hemet California. We asked her if she went to Hemet High (where we went). She said no, she goes to Alessandro, an alternative high school in the area. She then went on to say that her mother also went to Alessandro and was pregnant with her while she went there. We asked her how old her mother was, and she said 33. I’m 34. Damn I hate kids.

Anyways we did snap a few pictures of the con and some nifty cosplay while we were there, so here they are. Enjoy!


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